Fall Yoga Playlist

Marisa here! I have had SO many people ask me where I get my music for yoga, and decided to share it with the entire web. I'm super passionate about music- I know that it has the ability to change an entire atmosphere in seconds. There is a connection that happens with the vibrations of notes that we don't feel with any other of our senses, and can bring us different emotions. I create my yoga playlists with this knowledge and try to curate each of them with a unique feeling. All of my playlists are a mixture of worship and 'secular' music. I feel that God can speak through any of his creation, and sometimes He touches my heart more through a song on the radio than a cookie cutter 'worship' song- which is why I try to incorporate different genres and cultures in the music I listen to. This particular playlist is 50 minutes long and perfect for a 10min quiet meditation to start out with for a full hour yoga class- or you can do something shorter using the entire 50 minutes. Enjoy friends, I'll be doing this often- and let me know if there's any songs you'd like to recommend for a future playlist!