Healing Hearts: A Creative Journey through Art and Movement (an online workshop)

Healing Hearts: A Creative Journey through Art and Movement (an online workshop)

Welcome! We're so happy you're here. Watch the video to learn a little about our workshop and explore these questions below. If you have anything you'd like to talk to us, please get in touch!  Watch our intro video here! 

What is Healing Hearts?  

An online workshop using creative expression to help people process any kind of grief and/or loss. The workshop is intended as a one-day self-guided retreat that you can do on your own time alone or with others. Healing Hearts includes:

*two peaceful yoga videos  (to view a sample yoga class, go here > > password is healinghearts

*downloadable workbook with journaling prompts and more

*audio lessons

*art projects

*additional resources to continue your creative journey

Who is Healing Hearts for? 

This workshop is for anyone who has endured grief and/or loss and is ready to experience a deeper and more fulfilling experience in their healing process. 

Who is leading Healing Hearts? 

Teryn O'Brien has experienced multiple losses, including the loss of a best friend inside a cult-like setting, crippling health problems, and other deep heartbreaks. She hosts a popular blog on griefhealing, and creativity. 

Abby Mortenson has been going through a most difficult year with four adoption losses and the sudden death of her mom last January. She longs to seek God's love and healing through this process and be a source of healing to others. She is a social worker and yoga instructor in Colorado Springs, CO. 

When is the online workshop happening?

Once you purchase this workshop, it will always be available to you! It was created in a way that enables you to take your own time on this. You can do this in a day or spread it out over a week or more. The purpose is to give you some tools to help you on your healing journey.

I'm not an artist, or a yogi...does this still apply to me?

We believe anyone who wants to participate in this can do it! The art prompts will be accessible for anyone and the yoga videos will be gentle and accessible for beginners. (to view a sample yoga class, go here > > password is healinghearts

What if I have questions as I'm going through this? 

We will be available to you with any questions or concerns you have while going through this. Just contact us at flourishing.hearts@gmail.com and write "healing hearts" in the subject line. 

I want to do this. How do I get it? 

You can purchase the workshop here anytime and we'll send you an e-mail with instructions. 

The fine print: 

This workshop is not meant to replace counseling or therapy. It is intended as an additional resource. Please seek professional help if you are experiencing deep depression or suicidal ideologies. This material is copyrighted, and no un-authorized distribution or replication is allowed. Please contact us if you'd like permission to share or if you have other questions. 


Abby Mortenson

I'm a yearner, a dreamer, a hopeful wanderer searching for truth and beauty in the midst of this heart-breaking and beautiful thing called life. My desire is to bring healing and hope to those paths I'm blessed to cross - to be a light and a friend. I want to share the grace I've been given with you. I hope to do that through different creative mediums; photography, yoga, journaling, and whatever else may come up!