Hello Dear Ones! 

We are so glad you're here! Let us know if you have any trouble listening to the audio and/or viewing the videos. Just send an e-mail to flourishing.hearts@gmail.com or click "contact" at the top of the page.  Also, please make sure you've downloaded your Healing Hearts Workbook (click below). That will be your guide as you work through this mini-retreat. It's best to follow the order that we created in the workbook - and don't worry it you can't get through it all in one sitting. These lessons will be available to you - and you can even download and save them if you'd like! 

We recommend you give yourself adequate time to get through this workshop. If you'd like to do it all in one day, you may want to set aside at least 4 hours. As you'll see in the workbook, we also recommend creating a safe and quiet space for yourself to do this work. It might mean finding a place to retreat for the day. There are additional links included in the workbook that will provide even more resources for you. Please let us know if you have any trouble getting started. 

We hope you enjoy and find nourishment and healing through this time.

With you in the journey of Healing + Hope, 

Teryn + Abby